They were all GREAT, but…

I was just asking my brother who he thought was the funniest comedian of all time was.  He told me that he really didn’t know. We went down the list and came up with a few. What do you think?

goat comedy

In my opinion, Richard Pryor started the style of comedy that we see today. He told stories and mimicked the world around him with precision. I still go to youtube and watch “Live on Sunset Strip”, at times. This was a classic. If you have never seen it, I highly recommend you to check it out.

Eddie Murphy was a comic genius! He made me tune into Saturday Night Live just to see him perform his hilarious characters like: “Buck Wheat”, “Mister Rogers” and “The ignorant dude in jail.” He soared into the stratosphere when he performed his infamous stand-up, “Delirious”. He went on to star in movies. “Coming to America” is a top ten all-time favorite of mine. My second favorite is “The Klumps”.

“I ain’t scared of you motherfuckers”, became the brand and tagline for my man, Bernie Mac. He had a style all his own. I couldn’t always understand what he was saying but, he was funny. Yep, still watch “The Bernie Mac Show” re-runs.

Mar-innnn Lawrence was one that literally had me crying tears from laughing so hard when I watched his show. He was more of a physical comedian and he caught flack about his antics. I’m glad that he was exactly the way he was…funny as hell. PS. He was THE Best host on Def Comedy Jam. Ever!

Kevin Hart may be short in stature but he is definitely big on funny. I remember seeing him on Soul Plane and he stole every scene. I didn’t really know who he was…then he just blew up. He has been making his mark ever since.

You saw him as “Pookie” in New Jack City then he went on to bigger an better things. To me, Chris Rock is more of a teacher with wit than a comedian. I learn so much about politics and social issues that aren’t really discussed. Plus, he gives a unique perspective on the topics. “Everybody Hates Chris is absolutely genius!. Yep, still watch that too.

So, with all that being said, who do you think is the greatest of all time?









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